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By love or force. Feminization of labor and biopolitics of the body

By love or force

Feminization of labor and biopolitics of the body

Cristina Morini

Ed. Traficantes de Sueños


The feminization of work has become the new paradigm of work contemporary. This is the radical claim and the apriori political from which to start this book. But by feminization should not be understood only in the massive incorporation of women to the labour market, but above all the new centrality of labour that they have acquired the skills that traditionally were own: the reproduction and care. Affection, communication, personnel involvement, are today the preconditions of “our life work”. It describes, in this mode, a landscape perverse and symmetric, in which the casualisation of the work corresponds to a maximum flexibility and involvement in the provision of work and in the absorption of subjectivity in the work is reflected in the profound crisis of social reproduction.

How we have fallen, then, at the bottom of a new iron cage that has made dam in the bowels of life, in which, historically, was typical of women? Is it not this advance of the subsumption of capitalist reproduction, and hence on the life, synonymous with inevitability of the total exploitation? Far from this result, what Morini teaches are the unprecedented opportunities for subversion also implied in this transformation.

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