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How do you turn on the flashlight in Silent Hill?

How do you turn on the flashlight in Silent Hill?

The Flashlight can be found in both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. You can easily turn it on or off with the press of a button. As stated in Silent Hill 2, the monsters are attracted to light and sound.

Where is the flashlight in Silent Hill 3?

Silent Hill 3 Heather Mason finds the flashlight in the storeroom of the Central Square Shopping Center while in the Otherworld. The storeroom is located to the left of the women’s restroom on the first floor.

How long is Silent Hill Downpour?

9 Hours

What do you do with the hanger in Silent Hill 3?

The Hanger is an item Heather Mason picks up in Silent Hill 3. She finds the wire hanger inside of Boutique Marguerite, after it has undergone the effects of the Otherworld. Heather straightens out the hanger to form a makeshift hook and uses it to lower a ladder from the ceiling of the Otherworld Happy Burger.

Where do you use bleach in Silent Hill 3?

Normal riddle and hard riddle mode players, go to the trashcan right next to the door (you won’t be able to proceed because of bugs). Now, combine and use the DETERGENT and BLEACH over the trashcan.

Where do I use the cooked key in Silent Hill 3?

The Cooked Key is a key found inside of a dead dog in the Central Square Shopping Mall – Otherworld (3rd Floor). The dead dog will be barbecued and set up on a table. Use the key to open a room on the second floor.

How many endings does Silent Hill 3 have?

Silent Hill games are known for their many endings, however, Silent Hill 3 only has three.

How do you get the ladder down in Silent Hill 3?

There you can see the ladder coming from the ceiling (that’s the reason why this room is called Ladder Room). Sadly Heather is too short to grab onto it and drag it down. Use the COATHANGER from the alternative clothes store to reach the ladder. Believe it or not, you should climb up the ladder now.

How do you get insecticides in Silent Hill 3?

Heather mixing bleach and detergent in a bucket to create insecticide.

What do you do with the walnut in Silent Hill 3?

The walnut does not provide any uses as it is, but must be cracked open using a vise. Once open, Heather can use the Moonstone inside to unlock the door leading to the Split Worm.

Where is the Nutcracker Silent Hill 3?

Hazel Street Subway Station

How do you combine items in Silent Hill 3?

Item Combining Often, more than one item is required to complete a puzzle, or open a door. In that case, combine the items in question in the item screen using the “combine” option. You can combine many items together. Items to be combined appear on top of the “Item” section of the menu.

How many endings does Silent Hill Downpour have?

six possible endings

Is Silent Hill Downpour really that bad?

The puzzles, story, exploration, is strong which is definitely a good thing. The only bad thing about this game is that it has some framerate issues, but they arn’t so bad to the point of making you not play the game.

Why Silent Hill Downpour is bad?

Attack QTEs, always unforgivable. By far the worst enemy design and variety in the series. The complete removal of classic survival horror gameplay – having beaten the game at least a hundred times, I’d say about 85% of the gameplay is completely linear, fluctuating depending on sidequests.