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How much did Frasier make in the show?

How much did Frasier make in the show?

Company Matches

Pay Rank TV DAD BASE SALARY (in 2005 $)
12 Heathcliff Huxtable $237,932
13 Tim Taylor $191,526
14 George Baxter $178,880
15 Frasier Crane $164,644

How much did David Hyde Pierce make from Frasier?

“Frasier” Salary: In the final two seasons of “Frasier,” Pierce earned $1 million per episode of the show. That’s the same as around $1.5 million in today’s dollars after adjusting for inflation.

What is the most expensive TV show per episode?

Most expensive TV shows produced as of 2019 As of March 2018, estimates show that Game of Thrones was the most expensive TV shows to produce, costing HBO around 15 million U.S. dollars per episode to make during the show’s final season.

What Netflix original made the most money?

“Bridgerton” is still the biggest Netflix original series ever though, with more than 80 million. Insider ranked Netflix’s biggest originals based on how many member households watched each in the first 28 days.

What is Netflix’s biggest movie?

1. “Extraction” (2020) — 99 million.

What is the most expensive show ever made?

The Lord of the Rings

How much did each episode of the crown cost?

‘The Crown’ Costs Netflix $13 Million Per Episode.

What was the most expensive episode of Game of Thrones?

Prior to season six, the most expensive “Game of Thrones” episode ever produced was season two’s penultimate installment, “Blackwater,” which featured an extensive battle scene and larger-than-life props, including a full-sized replica of a 14th century battleship.

How much did a Game of Thrones episode cost?

The final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” which premiered on Sunday, cost $15 million an episode. The show’s earlier seasons cost $6 million an episode, though creators David Benioff and D.B.

How much did it cost to make game of thrones in total?

HBO countered with $2 million, bringing the total cost of just that one episode to $8 million. Beginning in season 6, Game of Thrones received an increased budget of around $10 million per episode. With that production cost, season 6 came in at $100 million total whereas season 7 cost $70 million total.